Flexible Service Programs

Flexible Service Programs for Members

Earn Community Service Hours on your Own Schedule – Start Immediately.

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School/Work/Other Flexible Program for Members

Too busy to join a scheduled cleanup campaign or having trouble scheduling with non-profits? We offer members a flexible service option to go out at any time into parks or streets nearby. We monitor and award hours. The program is $25 and you become a lifetime member. We monitor your hours and provide completion letters at the end. As the program is flexible, you can start immediately.

School/Work/Other Flexible Program for Members (pdf)

Court Ordered Flexible Service Program for Members

If you are interested in this program please read in full the 2-page pdf attached below.

Become a lifetime member with a $25 membership donation that keeps this flexible program going.  We provide supplies, monitor hours, and provide Court Completion Letters.  No third parties and no complicated tracking systems. We are here to help and be a partner to your successful completion of hours. 

Court Ordered Service Full Details of the Program (pdf)

Full Details of Flexible Programs Below

Click on the (pdf download) below with full details of the program’s flexibility!  We are trusted by Schools, Judges, and Employers and protect our reputation by only allowing ethical participants who are members, or their family, that support our mission through membership donations and receive our newsletter. 100% of donations are used to continue these much-needed Flexible Service Programs. 

Lifetime Membership below is $25.  If you want to be a member but cannot afford the fee, please contact us regarding waiving.

School/Work/Other Flexible Program for Members (pdf)

Court Ordered Service Full Details of the Program (pdf)

Flexible Service Program – Pay with PayPal

You can pick up supplies from 612 S. 5th Avenue, Des Plaines for $25 or you can have supplies shipped to you for $37.50 (12.50 shipping charge).